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Lectures & Presentations [of special interest]

The taming of the shrew, on crises and observation in economics, with Ming Lo,  September 2011, Helsinki (Economic methdologogy, INEM conference)

Resistance, planning, citizen participation, with Martijn Duineveld, August 2011, Frankfurt (Critical Geography Conference)

Contested delineations of Natura 2000 sites, with Raoul Beunen, May 2011, Edmonton, Alberta (Planning, law and property rights conference)

Property rights and planning in Uzbekistan, January 2011, at ZEF/ Bonn University (invited presentation).

Lecture and discussion on systems theory and comparative planning analysis, January 2011, Nijmegen University (invited presentation; part of the Humboldt lecture series in Geography)  » more

Migration and identity construction in the Danube delta, March 2010, Merida, Mexico (Society for Applied Anthropology Conference)

Introduction [on local knowledge and expert knowledge in governance innovation] to first inaugural Ibn Batuta symposium, hosted by Wageningen University and Silk Road Research Foundation, Wageningen University, January 2010.  » more

Borders, boundaries and identity construction in the Danube Delta, January 2010, Nijmegen University, Center for Border Studies [invited presentation]

Innovation under pressure in Georgian planning, November 2009, Washington DC, Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars [invited presentation]  » more

Path- dependencies in planning for the Danube Delta, May 2009, Budapest, Central European University [invited presentation in the Karl Popper Room]  » more

Planning transformation in Georgia, May 2009, Wageningen University, [invited presentation and book presentation]

Power- knowledge interactions in the emergency of policy for the Danube Delta, April 2009, Chicago [Urban Affairs Conference]

Ecological, social and political sustainability in the Danube Delta, for the sustainability class at the University of Minnesota, November 2008, Minneapolis.

Investor- urbanism in Georgia, July 2008, Kaiserslautern University [invited presentation]

Self- reference and closure in the Dutch planning system, June 2008, Nijmegen, Netherlands [Invited by Nijmegen University school of management and planning]

Productive and non- productive self- reference in heritage planning, May 2008, Lunteren, Netherlands [Exclusive conference organized by NWO, Dutch national research council]

Sustainability in the Danube Delta, for the sustainability class at the Minnesota State University Mankato planning program, April 2008, Mankato.

Social forgetting and planning in the Danube Delta, April 2008, Baltimore, Maryland [Urban Affairs Conference]

Planning education and the reproduction of the planning system in Georgia, March 2008, Memphis, Tennessee [Conference of the Society for Applied Anthropology]

Comparative planning research and self- reference in Belgian and Dutch planning, Gent, Belgium, December 2007. [Invited by Gent University; keynote at 1- day symposium, retirement of three professors]

Reconstructing and reinventing the role of the planner in Tbilisi, Georgia, October 2007, St Cloud, Mn. [Invited by St Cloud State Geography honors society]

Lectures [2] on Foucault, Luhmann –concepts in the interpretation of the Danube Delta and its planning, July 2007, Cluj Napoca, Romania [Invited lectures by Political Sciences and European Studies at Babes Bolaj University, Cluj Napoca]

Context in planning and architecture; semiotics and systems- theoretical perspectives, July 2007, Trabzon, Turkey. [LIVENARCH conference, keynote]

Local mythologies in the transformation of planning policy in Tbilisi, Georgia, April 2007, Seattle, Washington [Urban Affairs Conference]

Shifting boundaries in the Danube Delta, March 2007, Tampa, Florida [Society for Applied Anthropology Conference]

Self- organization in planning and social systems theory, January 2007, Brussels, Belgium [Seminar, invited by St Louis University]

Social memory and planning in Sulina, Danube Delta, January 2007, Leuven, Belgium [part of Phd seminar on social memory, invited at Leuven University]

Ecological planning in the Danube Delta, November 2006, East Lansing, Michigan [Invited by Madison College at Michigan State University]

Nature- culture in the Danube Delta, December 2006 [Invited by St Cloud State Geography Honours Society]

Smart growth and new urbanism in the US, July 2006 [Invited presentation Tbilisi Technical University and CID Architects, Tbilisi]

Nature, culture, planning in the Danube Delta, July 2006 [Invited presentation Georgian Geographical Society, Tbilisi]

Identity and heritage, Wageningen, June 2006. [Seminar on heritage planning, Wageningen University]

Social systems, culture and ecology in the Danube Delta, Delft, may 2006. [ISOMUL and CIGR conference on Multiple land use and Water]

Self- organization, neighborhood planning and systems theory, Montreal, April 2006 [Urban Affairs Association Conference]

Network metaphors in spatial planning, Chicago, march 2006 [Conference American Association of Geographers]

Obstacles for change in Northern European planning, being situated in persistent modernist ideologies, Vienna, Austria, July 2005 [Conference AESOP, European planners]

The recuperation of western historicism in a post- communist context: the city of Kiev, Lund, Sweden, may 2005 [Nordic Geographers Conference]

Lecture and debate on the possibility and necessity of a European planning system and bureaucracy, Utrecht, April 2005 [Discussion seminar organized by the National Dutch Planning Students Association; debate with Prof. A. Faludi and others]

Self- reference in the Dutch planning system, and the consequential problems with innovation and adaptation, The Hague, April 2005 [Seminar with the RPB, Dutch national advisory organ on spatial planning]

Potential roles of heritage in planning systems, in a European perspective, Utrecht, April 2005 [PLANARCH conference, framing European Union Projects on Archaeology and Planning]

Planning cultures and the use of outdoor spaces by minorities, Driebergen, November 2004 [National policy symposium Boundaries of Space]

Planning culture and ethnocentrism, Grenoble, July 2004 [Conference AESOP, European planners]

Semiotics of spatial and social boundaries, Lyon, July 2004 [8th conference AISS, World Semiotics Association]

Ethnic redefinitions and heritage conflicts with the Crimean Tatars, Wageningen, June 2004 [Conference ISOMUL and Dutch National Research Council NWO on heritage]

The fate and potential roles of heritage and landscapes in Southern Limburg, Wageningen, may 2004. [Seminar Project Group Southern Limburg, Wageningen UR – Province of Limburg]

The pedigree of the concept of spatial quality, starting from Vitruvius, Groningen, November 2003 [Conference Dutch Royal Academy of Geographers]

Multiple land use and its embedding in Dutch and Belgian planning cultures, Gent, Belgium, June 2003 [Symposium Dutch and Belgian Planners’ Associations 2003]

Relations between place, place name and culture, Amsterdam, April 2003 [Symposium place names Meertens Instituut Amsterdam, Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences]

The signification of communal gardens and the planning concept of margins, Wageningen, January 2003 [Mansholt seminar]

The nature of disciplinary boundaries and success in interdisciplinary research, Wageningen, November 2002 [International Delta conference on interdisciplinary research]

Interconnections between spatial boundaries, social boundaries and conceptual boundaries, Tartu, Estonia, august 2002 [PECSRL conference, historical landscapes]

The concept of landscape symbolism, starting from the oeuvre of Van Eyck, Leuven, June 1997 [Symposium and exposition art and ecology, KULeuven and city of Leuven]

Gardens in Flemish painting, Bokrijk, Oktober 1996 [Symposium on art and folk art Open air museum Bokrijk and KULeuven]

Louis Richeome, gardens and rhetorics, Leuven, august 1996. [Fourth international Emblem Conference]


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