I spent a lot of time in these countries, and comparisons of their planning systems and cultures occur at various places in my work. Both welfare states, the Belgians traditionally did not buy into the idea of spatial planning, especially not in the centralized and expert- driven forms that are traditional in the Netherlands. Topics include heritage planning, conceptual and physical constructions of new nature, local knowledge, participatory planning.

Cooperation with Martijn Duineveld, Roel During, Raoul Beunen, Wageningen University; Hans Leinfelder, Gent University; Michel Hubert, Universite St Louis (Brussels); Arnoud Lagendijk, Henk-Jan Kooij, Joren Jacobs, Nijmegen University; Gert Verschraegen, University of Antwerp.

A book chapter (in French) on participatory planning and planning culture, in an edited volume on planning in Brussels, edited by Michel Hubert and Florence Delmotte. A paper (in Dutch) on Belgian, Dutch, American planning, compared using a systems theoretical perspective, published in Ruimte & Planning. Several essays in Blauwe Kamer (in Dutch). A book chapter on multiple land use discussions (in Dutch) as a symptom of planning culture, in Over trechters… (papers from Plandag 2003).

Special mention: a report for Innonet and Habiforum (in Dutch), on self- reference and self- reproduction in Dutch spatial planning (Over goede bedoelingen en hun schadelijke bijwerkingen) .

A paper in Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning discusses the construction of nature and heritage in the opposition to a new town in the Dutch floriculture area. A paper in Public Administration analyzes the performance of failure and success in the Dutch planning tradition and, using a similar theoretical perspective, a paper in Land Use Policy investigates the effects of performance and performativity on the implementation of European Union directives and the de- institutionalization of nature conservation.

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